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Squalane vs Hemisqualane

Hemisqualane and squalane are both emollients derived from squalene, a natural compound found in human sebum and various plants like olives and sugarcane. Squalene, which helps maintain skin hydration and protect the skin barrier, is converted into squalane through hydrogenation to enhance stability and shelf life. Squalane is a fully saturated hydrocarbon, making it highly stable and ideal for deep hydration in serums, moisturizers, and oils. Hemisqualane, derived through a similar process but with a shorter carbon chain, is lighter and less oily, providing quick-absorbing, lightweight hydration suitable for all skin types, including oily and acne-prone skin. Both ingredients are valued in skincare and cosmetic products for their moisturizing and skin-conditioning properties, with hemisqualane also being used in hair care products for its lightweight conditioning and non-greasy feel.

SOURCE Olive or Sugarcane Olive or Sugarcane
LIKELIHOOD OF CLOGGING Non-comedogenic Non-comedogenic
TEXTURE Heavier, Oilier Feel Lightweight
USES Serums/Moisturizers Serums/Hair Care Products
SKIN TYPE SUITABILITY All Skin Types All Skin Types, including Acne-Prone
HYDRATION Deep Hydration Lightweight Hydration
MOLECULAR STRUCTURE Longer Carbon Chain Shorter Carbon Chain


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WHAT IT DOES: Protects skin barrier, locks in moisture, Improves elasticity, Regulates Oil Production

SKIN TYPE: All Skin Types, Including Acne Prone

WHEN: Morning and Night

HOW: After cleansing and water-based serum apply Hemi-Squalane then follow up with a moisturizer.

TEXTURE: Water-like consistency that won't leave a greasy residue or weigh your hair down.

Experience the benefits of Hemi-Squalane, a 100% pure plant-based oil that provides quick absorption without any greasy residue. This non-comedogenic oil feels like a serum and restores the skin's natural moisture barrier while keeping it smooth and supple. Hemi-Squalane is packed with anti-aging properties to combat free radicals and repair damaged skin. It's a versatile and effective oil that works wonders for all skin types and doubles up as a nourishing hair oil to control frizz and add a healthy shine to your hair. Get ready to experience soft, manageable, and nourished skin and hair with Hemi-Squalane.

Made in USA, Paraben Free, Non GMO, Vegan, Fragrance Free, Leaping Bunny Certified

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What Does Hemisqualane Do for Hair?

Frizzy Hair

Moisturizing: Hemisqualane helps to lock in moisture, which can reduce frizz by keeping the hair hydrated.

Smoothing: It smooths the hair cuticle, reducing the appearance of frizz and flyaways.

Lightweight: Unlike heavier oils, hemisqualane provides these benefits without weighing the hair down, making it ideal for managing frizz without greasy residue.

Hemi-Squalane Benfits for Hair Care
Curly Hair

Definition: Hemisqualane enhances curl definition by providing light hydration and smoothing properties, helping curls to maintain their shape.

Hydration: It offers lightweight moisture, which is crucial for curly hair that tends to be dry and prone to frizz.

Frizz Control: By reducing frizz and adding shine, hemisqualane helps curls look more defined and healthy.

Straight Hair

Shine: Hemisqualane imparts a natural shine to straight hair without making it look oily or greasy.

Softness: It makes straight hair feel softer and smoother by providing light, non-greasy hydration.

Manageability: Helps to reduce tangles and make straight hair more manageable, enhancing its natural sleekness.