At Sulina Shop we believe in natural, organic and Ayurvedic products that make hair, skin, and body look and feel beautiful inside and out without the use of harsh chemicals. We strive to introduce new and existing ingredients that help improve the health of your skin and hair with the highest quality natural and organic ingredients.

SUSAN - cofounder

Sisters Susan and Shelina founded Sulina Shop over four years ago, driven by a passion for natural, organic, and Ayurvedic skincare, and a desire to make it accessible to the public. Being from Fiji, with an Indian heritage, they were familiar with Ayurvedic herbs and fresh tropical fruits and vegetables, and had experienced the incredible health benefits of these ingredients.

After moving to the U.S., in 1986, their mother struggled to find organic and Ayurvedic skincare products like the ones she used back in Fiji. While some of the ingredients were available individually, she was forced to prepare the formulas herself from scratch, a time consuming process that still depended on the availability of those ingredients. But she knew that her daughters’ beautiful hair and radiant skin were the result of it, and so she put herself to the task.

Shelina - Cofounder

Many years later as adults, the two sisters remembered these homemade products, and realized that nothing else had come close since then. They also saw that store shelves were saturated with chemical laden beauty products that were proving to be damaging to people’s long term health. And yet interest in natural, organic and Ayurvedic products was increasing every day, as customers looked for healthy alternatives to their existing skin care regimes. 

Susan and Shelina started Sulina Shop to bring awareness to the profound health benefits of these products and make them available to everyone. Their passion for natural and organic products led them to create a comprehensive and holistic line of beauty products that you can feel good about. Ingredients like Moringa, Neem, Turmeric and Tulsi, used for centuries in Ayurvedic skin care and long held to be the secret to youthful, glowing skin, are now yours at Sulina Shop.