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What Are The Benefits of Bath Teas?

What are Bath Teas?

Bath teas are an upgrade from your traditional bath with loose bath salts and flower petals, whereby the ingredients are in a little muslin pouch instead. The big benefit is they’re mess-free; unlike other additions you add to your bath that may still be there once you’ve pulled the bath plug. A bath tea bag lets you enjoy an at-home spa without having to stress over cleaning up any leftover residue and the risk of blocking your drain.

The Benefits of Bath Teas

Detoxifies the Skin 

Indulged a bit too much lately and been neglecting your skincare? A detox will help draw out toxins, pollutants and dead skin cells from the surface of your skin leaving it rejuvenated and refreshed. With the detoxifying green powers of seaweed and spirulina, our Mermaid Bath Tea is the perfect treatment. Restore your skins natural balance whilst also improving moisture retention and skin regeneration with this little bag of wonders containing skin-loving vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


Unwind, relax and rest your mind and body from the busyness of day-to-day life. Give your skin a chance to replenish knowing it’s soaking up all the healing properties of organic ingredients. For this, we’d recommend Blue Lagoon Bath Tea. Many of us may not be able to jet off to any exotic holidays this year but this bath tea is filled with scents of a tropical summer breeze and notes of lavender and orange. Fill your bathtub with a gentle sprinkle of sea blue; just close your eyes  and for a moment, you can feel as if you’re on a lush island.

Feeds Your Skin 

Just like you need to feed your body with fruit and vegetables to keep it at its best; your skin also needs to be replenished so it can be glowing at all times. Let your skin absorb the supportive constituents of the salts and herbs from your bath tea to enjoy the remedial benefits. Our Beauty Bath Tea, a sweet floral blend containing superfood ingredients of Dragon Fruit, Hibiscus and Manjistha delivers endless nutrients for your skin. Bathe in a host of rich antioxidants to help treat skin conditions and reduce signs of aging from head to toe.

Smoothes and Softens Skin

A bath tea helps to soften your skin prepping it for a body scrub for perfectly polished and unclogged skin. The Dragon Fruit and Coconut Milk Bath Tea is perfect for everyday use and is the antidote to dull-looking skin, because who doesn’t want irresistibly soft skin every day of the year? Follow up with a bath scrub such as the Ayurvedic Body Scrub to help balance your skin’s PH. Just like the other products in our range, all the ingredients are natural and organic so you can feel beautiful from the inside out.

Infuse your bath with a tea blend that suits you.

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