Importance of Lip Balms

Have you gone without a lip balm for a day and noticed how dry your lips get? The reason is that our lips don’t produce oil glands like our bodies do so when we don’t take care of them, it starts to dry out.

don't produce natural protection

Since our lips don’t produce natural moisture, we have to apply lip balms.  Our body gets its moisture from Sebaceous glands which is the sweat gland, that keeps our skin naturally lubricated. Lips have fewer melanocytes (cells in the skin).  To better understand, our skin, on our body is thicker and have hair follicles that protect and moisturize naturally.  Our lips on the other hand, have fewer layers so they don’t have the natural protection the way our skin does.

Protect Your Lips

To protect your lips all year round from harsh weather temperatures, it is good to use a natural lip balm like Lavender & Frankincense Nourishing Lip Balm or Peppermint & Sweet Orange Nourishing Lip Balm, which seals cracked lips, heals skin faster, and protects it from the sun. Natural ingredients such as Shea Butter, Coconut Oil (natural skin protector), Jojoba Oil, and Vitamin E nourish lips and keeps them moisturized.

choosing the right lip balm

Lip balm with natural ingredients protects, repair, renew, and prevent signs of premature aging. So the next time you’re shopping for a lip balm, be sure it has beneficial oils that moisturize, protect, and hydrate. Choose the right lip balm such as Peppermint Nourishing Lip Balm for smoother, softer lips.

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