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An Ayurveda lifestyle revolves around the idea of achieving balance in your body, skin, and overall well being. We believe this balance requires love and care to your complete self, and with the goodness of natural, organic skincare products, you can nourish your skin and create harmony throughout your entire body.


Ayurveda promotes using products that naturally replenish, revive and protect your skin - allowing you to achieve healthy and beautiful skin without the use of harsh chemicals.

Due to factors such as stress, environmental pollution, harsh weather, and poor diet, our skin can get off balance. However, when we take care of our skin from both the inside and outside, we are using the whole-health Ayurvedic model.

Using natural skin care products such as plant-based oils, flowers, herbs, and clay can balance our skin and provide the nourishment and protection our bodies crave.


Natural facial oils such as Moringa, Tamanu, Marula, and Jojoba have been used for centuries for hair and skin care. As we age, our bodies produce less natural oil, lessening our ability to achieve a natural glow. 

Plant-based oils contain nutrients and antioxidants that mimic the skin’s natural production, and work to reduce the signs of aging, calm irritation, and brighten your complexion. These oils effectively penetrate and hydrate the inner layers of your skin, delivering results that last.

Sandalwood has also been used as a medical Ayurvedic herb for centuries, due to its ability to treat bacterial diseases and inflammation. We’ve taken the natural power of this herb to formulate our Turmeric and Sandalwood Clay Powder Face Mask, which removes dead skin cells and impurities to reveal healthy, beautiful looking skin.


Naturally healthy, glowing skin is often difficult to achieve with the use of commercial products, as they are typically made with chemicals and synthetic ingredients. In the end, many of these products can cause more harm than good.

An organic skincare routine, on the other hand, uses nature’s ingredients to deliver benefits to your skin and body without the risk of harmful side effects.  When weighing the risks of potentially toxic ingredients versus plant-based derivatives, we think the choice to adopt an Ayurvedic skincare routine is an easy one.


Show you skin lots of love with products that deliver hydration, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients -- it’s food for your skin! At Sulina Shop, you won’t find harsh chemicals, additives, GMOs, animal products, or preservatives in our skincare line. Instead, you’ll find an expansive line of natural skincare products based in the Ayurvedic philosophy: that your skin mirrors your inner health, and in order to be truly healthy and well, your body needs balance on the inside and out.

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