Why Use Facial Oils?

Oils have been used for centuries for hair and skincare. As we’re more aware of harmful chemicals and their consequences in beauty products, natural oils are making a comeback in the market. Many of us are turning to natural organic products to protect and nourish our skin.  As we age our body produces less natural oil, which is what gives skin its natural glow.  To slow down this aging process so that wrinkles are less visible, the best option is to apply plant based oils.  Oils are antioxidants that reduce the signs of aging.  They hydrate skin and fight against wrinkles, while penetrating the inner layer of your skin.

Moisturizes Skin

Facial oils moisturize and restore elasticity to our skin. They work instantly to improve the lipid barrier function, which helps minimize water loss, and prevents environmental chemicals from entering skin.  Thus using natural facial oils keeps the barrier of our skin healthy.  In addition, the outermost layer of the skin, which is referred to as the epidermis, easily absorbs facial oils, which results in glowing skin.  The epidermis protects the barrier of our skin from infections, dehydration, and oxidants. 

Protects From Outside Pollution

Facial Oils penetrate deep into our skin, retaining water and moisture while blocking outside toxins. Without the production of natural oils, wrinkles and fine lines are more visible.  Oils aid our skin’s natural cell membrane, the double layer of lipid and protein that protects our skin from outside environment.  When introducing plant-based oils, in combination with the fatty acid that our body already naturally produces, the oils help to slow down our skins aging process. Simply put, positive cells with positive natural oils support each other.

Packed with Vitamins and Nutrients

Choose your facial oils carefully. Look for ingredients such as grape seed oil which is high in antioxidants; sunflower oil, which has Vitamin E; and Argan oil, which soothes wrinkles and retains elasticity.  Our Uplifting Facial Oil and Anti-Aging Facial Oil have the ingredients that skin is looking for.  Our oils are packed with vitamins and nutrients that help skin retain water and give it it’s naturally youthful look.

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