Why Use Body Scrubs

Tired of getting ingrown hair and rough, dry skin after taking a shower? Well, it’s possible that a body scrub is missing from your skincare routine. Many people think of body scrubs as “luxury” skincare items that aren’t necessary. However, body scrubs are an essential part of any skincare routine if you want soft, smooth skin.

Here are a few reasons to use body scrubs:

Great for Exfoliating and Removing Dead Skin Cells

Using body scrub creates gentle friction that’s important to remove dead skin cells from the skin. Every day, thousands of skin cells die and new ones replace them. These dead skin cells form a layer on the skin and a scrub effectively removes this layer, leaving behind fresh, rejuvenated skin. This also prevents breakouts from occurring because there are no dead cells to clog pores.

Our Organic Ayurvedic Body Scrub is infused with sea salt, neem and turmeric to gently exfoliate skin so that you’re left with soft and smooth skin.

Has Moisturizing Effects

Our Sweet Pea Sugar Body Scrub contains sweet almond oil and grapeseed oil, which are effective moisturizing oils. This means you can skip the moisturizing step after your bath and save time with a body scrub like this.

Skin hydration is very important for the overall health and look of your skin, so make sure to hydrate it using a moisturizing scrub. Once it’s hydrated, it will feel softer and smoother than ever.

Makes Moisturizing More Effective

If the body scrub you’re using doesn’t contain any oils to hydrate skin, it still prepares the skin for the next step, that is, moisturization. Once a body scrub is used, the dead skin cells are lifted and washed away, leaving behind rejuvenated, smooth skin. Applying moisturizer to this skin with no dead cells results in more effective moisturization.

Improves Blood Flow

Scrubbing involves essentially massaging your body in circular motions. This massaging effects improves blood flow to the skin, which helps the skin repair damaged parts and heal faster. Eventually, you get smooth, clear skin that’s hydrated and feels great to touch! Massaging can make a huge difference in your skin texture and appearance.

Prevents Ingrown Hair

A major advantage of using body scrubs is that it prevents ingrown hair from occurring. Ingrown hair are nasty and can be very painful and frequently occur after waxing or shaving. The best way to prevent ingrown hair is to use a body scrub 2-3 days after you wax or shave.

Use a sugar scrub like our Sweet Pea Sugar Body Scrub for sensitive and gentle areas and use a salt scrub like our Organic Ayurvedic Body Scrub for the rougher areas like the soles of the feet, elbows and underarms.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I use a body scrub?

You should use a body scrub at least once or twice every week.

Is it important to follow a scrub with a moisturizer?

Yes, it’s recommended to follow a scrub with a moisturizer. This helps the moisturizer penetrate quickly and gives you smooth, soft skin.

Are there any parts I shouldn’t use a scrub on?

If you have any skin conditions like eczema or other such skin infections, don’t use a scrub on those parts until recommended by your doctor.

The key to getting smooth and soft skin is a great skincare routine that involves scrubs and moisturizers.

Happy scrubbing!

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