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What is Hyperpigmentation?

dark spots on skin

Hyperpigmentation refers to dark spots on the skin, also known as “aging spots” or “liver spots.”  Although they typically begin to show up during midlife, these spots can also appear in younger people.  Depending on your skin color and type, spots may appear flat brown, gray, or black, and can develop anywhere on the body, face, shoulders, back, or arms that receives ongoing sun exposure.  

How Does It Happen?

Hyperpigmentation occurs when there’s an increase in melanin (skin pigment). Our skin produces melanin to protect us from UV rays, and when overproduction occurs within skin’s deep layers, it leads to dark spots in the outer layer of the skin.   The major cause of dark spots is overexposure to the sun, though other causes include hormonal imbalance, stress, poor diet, and inflammation or injuries.

ways to identify

There are ways to identify the cause of hyperpigmentation in the skin. For example, dark spots on the cheeks could indicate stress, allergies or issues with the lungs.  Dark spots on forehead can be due to digestive issues and sun exposure. When they appear on the nose, it can be a sign of poor blood circulation. Hyperpigmentation around the mouth and chin area could be caused by hormonal imbalance, stress, or issues with the kidneys.   


Hyperpigmentation starts within the deeper layers of the skin, and curing takes time. Many people opt for microdermabrasion, which removes dead and dry skin cells, or chemical peels, which blister and peel the outer layers of the skin to reveal new, even-toned layers underneath.  

natural solution for dark spots on skin

If you are looking for a natural solution, cold pressed Organic Moringa Oil is known to minimize dark spots. This oil contains Vitamins A, B, C and E, and helps to fight harmful free radicals caused by sun damage. The naturally occurring Behenic and Oleic acids in this oil also help to keep the skin hydrated and smooth -- an added bonus to help support a smooth, even, and youthful appearance.

removing dark spots

Fortunately, for those who suffer from hyperpigmentation, dark spots can be reduced and even removed. Though not harmful, they can be unsightly, and can be removed by medical procedures or the use of natural products.  Keep in mind, however, that dark spots can and will return with continued sun exposure without protection, or a poor diet. Anytime you are in the sun, remember to use sun protection and cover up.

healing process

No matter which procedure you choose to treat dark spots on the skin and face, keep in mind there is no quick-fix solution. Hyperpigmentation occurs in the deep, inner layers of the skin, and can take some time to cure and heal. Over time, practicing the right skin regime (including SPF) along with the proper diet will help to make a noticeable difference in the overall evenness and tone of your skin.   

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