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Natural Deodorant That Works

As we all know, body perspiration is natural part of the human experience. When our bodies release moisture, our skin temperature cools and regulates. The moisture under our arms, however, is specifically high in proteins that bacterial enzymes find attractive, which is why underarm odor starts to become an issue when we are in our teens.

Eliminating body odor, naturally

Many deodorant options for consumers are riddled with extra, potentially harmful ingredients like aluminum, parabens and more. At Sulina Shop, however, we use only natural ingredients, so your body is absorbing only the best. Organic tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, and neem seed oil eliminate bacteria, while coconut oil and shea butter sooth and soften your delicate underarm skin. We add essential oils such as lavender and cypress to also leave you with a clean, fresh scent. We believe that in order to maintain a balanced and healthy body, we must first use natural products that don’t contain harmful additives, or harm other creatures in their making. Ingredients found in nature work with your system, instead of against it.  While commercial deodorants can be harsh on skin, ours are the best natural deodorants for sensitive skin, and they won't darken your underarms.  Instead of blocking the body’s perspiration process, our natural deodorants balance perspiration and eliminate unwanted odors.  All our deodorants are kid safe, and is even strong enough to deal with teenage body odor. Ready to give all natural deodorant a try? We recommend our Natural Deodorant for women, men and teens. Our deodorant formulas are aluminum-free, paraben-free and propylene glycol-free, making them safe and effective for all ages. With the goodness of natural oils, without synthetic fragrances, you can simply smooth onto clean, dry underarms and experience long-lasting results. To perspire is to be human, and we can't (and shouldn't) stop something that's natural.  But body odor doesn't have to be.

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