Balance Your Skin’s pH with Facial Toners

Imbalanced pH can be the source of a plethora of skin-related issues: dry patches, excess oil production, tightness, wrinkles...the works. Luckily, it’s a skincare factor you can control by using all-natural products that help to re-balance your skin’s pH to a healthy middle ground -- namely, facial toners.

Whether you have dry, oily or combination skin, facial toner formulas can help to balance, brighten and restore your skin’s natural state. Facial toners hydrate the skin, remove dead skin cells, and positively affect your pH balance (which is responsible for creating acid, and wards off bacteria and toxins in your pores).  Imbalance can be caused by household products, foods, or harsh chemicals in cosmetics. By using organic toners, you can restore the skin’s natural balance, and lock in a fresh, healthy glow.

How Do Facial Toners Work?

Most toners include ingredients with astringent properties, which tighten pores and eliminate bacteria and infections (blemishes). They allow fewer toxins to settle into the skin, preventing acne breakouts and a dull appearance.  If you are someone who struggles with acne and oily skin, clarifying toners are effective at controlling excess oil and preventing future breakouts.

How to Find the Right Toner for Your Skin   

Look for ingredients such as glycolic acids and amino acids. Plant-derived glycolic acid can come from sugar cane, pineapple, tomatoes, or papaya -- making it naturally good at penetrating the skin to gently exfoliate and heal. Both glycolic and amino acids unclog pores, remove dead skins and leave the skin looking healthier, brighter and smoother.  

natural facial Toner 

Natural facial toners, such as our Organic Peppermint Facial Toner, are at the top of our list, as they skip the use of harsh chemicals that can strip the skin of natural oils. By combining additional ingredients such as Aloe Vera (known for its anti-inflammation and antioxidant properties), and peppermint oil, this toner helps balance naturally-occurring oils, fade acne scars, lock in moisture and restore a youthful complexion.  

How to Use natural Facial Toners

Apply facial toner after cleansing your skin, so the active ingredients can better penetrate your pores.  Mist on regularly as part of your ongoing skincare routine.

Fall in love with facial toners as a key part of your daily regimen to rebalance and refresh your skin. All-natural formulas help to hydrate, gently exfoliate and harmonize your skin’s natural pH levels, so you can maintain elasticity and enjoy skin that appears and feels healthier, brighter and smoother.

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