Benefits of Facial Oils

At Sulina Shop, our facial oils use the power of nature’s ingredients to nourish and protect the skin, while staying clear of harsh chemicals. Used for hundreds of years for healing and moisturizing, natural facial oils help to slow the signs of aging by hydrating the skin, fighting against wrinkles and restoring skin’s natural, healthy glow.

Why Use Facial Oils

Youthful, radiant skin becomes harder to achieve as we age and our skin’s natural oil production slows. Deep lines, dark spots, and dull complexion can all result from the body’s innate aging process. However, many powerful natural oils have the ability to mimic the skin’s oil production, and provide additional nutrients to restore and protect. No artificial additives needed -- just Mother’s Nature’s formulas for bright, beautiful skin.

Uses For Facial Oils

To Deliver Vitamins and Nutrients

Sunflower and moringa seed oils are high in antioxidants, while borage seed and grape seed oils are extra rich in essential fatty acids. Additionally, cranberry, carrot, and avocado oils deliver powerful doses of vitamins A, C and E, giving your skin the nutrients it needs to defend itself against the elements.

As A Moisturizer

Combining facial oils with moisturizer is an excellent way to nourish and hydrate the skin. Our Uplifting Facial Oil is packed full of restorative ingredients rich in antioxidants and fatty acids, creating a powerful combination that softens skin and rebalances natural moisture production. Use with an additional face cream or lotion to lock in moisture and improve skin’s water and oil retention.

To Fight Acne

Somewhat counterintuitively, facial oils can also be used to effectively help fight acne, and support the blemish-free skin you’ve been craving. Our Moringa Oil contains properties that can help to promote blemish-free skin. This dry oil can also reduce the appearance of acne scars and fight wrinkles, making it an all-natural powerhouse for a healthy complexion.

To Protect

Facial oils are absorbed deep within our skin, providing a natural barrier from outside toxins. Oils can help cell membranes protect the skin from environmental elements (sun, wind, extreme cold, pollution, etc.), and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Find the Right Facial Oils For You

No matter your skin type, Sulina Shop has facial oils to improve the balance and appearance of your skin. Shop facial oils from our online store, and browse hand-blended formulas made from natural, organic ingredients. Revitalize your skin’s appearance, and let dry, aging, or blemish-prone skin become a thing of the past. Love your skin with natural goodness, and it will love you back!

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